Posted on Aug 13, 2019

Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis Marketing - Creating digital and Material marketing opportunities.

Although cannabis is now legal in many States and soon, all of Canada, it’s still not quite “enough” for the big guys such as Google AdWords, Facebook / Instagram Ads & LinkedIn Ads to allow paid advertising. Facebook’s advertising policies state that it will deny paid posts that “constitute, facilitate, or promote illegal products, services or activities”, yes, including cannabis / marijuana.

We’ve noticed that even though the social networks have advertising policies, they are unevenly applied. A medical marijuana dispensary can be going strong with their online marketing and paid advertising until one day they shut down your accounts!

Paid advertising for cannabis / medical marijuana is at times quite profitable while other times, it can get quite hazy to say the least.

Straight from the horses mouth. Google considers all cannabis products “dangerous” and as such, they do not allow any AdWords ads which mention cannabis.

In the cannabis industry, where any of your ads could be taken down, you should focus on organic online marketing / SEO and alternate paid advertising solutions.
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